The Kinky Homemaker explores what it means to manage and care for a home as part of a power dynamic. We approach homemaking as a beautiful expression of making a special place for one’s chosen family.

slave chase articles and information reflect what I have learned on my personal journey. Some topics include power exchange, personal growth as a submissive, and integrating other information such as Nonviolent Communication.

The Kinky Butler explores formal, butler-inspired service. One does not need a mansion or vast wealth to add the white gloved touch of luxury.

While this site was previously only The Kinky Butler, we have consolidated resources.

The Kinky Butler was created out of my desire to compile and later create resources about butler skills. Likewise, I created The Kinky Homemaker in order to share and ‘translate’ the many resources in the vanilla homemaking space. While The Kinky Butler will continue to be updated, The Kinky Homemaker will be updated in parallel. Some resources and events will be shared between them, and yet many will stand alone.

I’m looking forward to seeing our community expand as we step into this new territory. My deepest wish is to serve the community in such a way that I can share resources and inspiration to help every kinky servant achieve service excellence.

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