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The founder of The Kinky Butler is slave chase tramel.

[Back to Basics] Tips for Filing out Your FetLife ‘About Me’

This post includes text I wrote in Winter 2020 for a now defunct blog. Since I’ve seen the need for this topic to be considered and very little coverage of it, I rediscovered this text and edited it lightly to share: Recently, I was considering seeking a job. However, within two minutes of my friendly …

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Why Homemaking?

Moving forward, this site will be divided into three parts. The Kinky Butler contains resources about formal service and slave chase is oriented around my personal journey and experiences. The new addition, The Kinky Homemaker, will explore the practical, day-to-day service that The Kinky Butler often did not or could not touch on. So why …

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Service & Management Styles

When I was at MTTA’s Male slave Weekend, which takes place in Master Taino’s home, he said something that really blew me away. “My slave,” he said, gesturing towards slave paul, “…has only one directive: Care for my home. That’s it.” Of course, they have been together for quite some time, and his slave knows …

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Personal Reflection: Dominant Little / submissive daddy?

Autumn ends, and Winter begins. Much of my life changed this Autumn. In the spirit of the season, I discovered and developed new relationships. Likewise, I experienced a great deal of change. Some aspects of my life changed in difficult ways, while other aspects continue to change as we enter the winter season. This is …

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Small Acts of Service While Disabled

I am disabled. I struggle with chronic fatigue and pain. It can vary in intensity, but it always affects my life, especially my service. I don’t mention this for pity, as I’ve had enough pity for one lifetime. No, I share these details because I know that many service-oriented kinksters already struggle with a disability …

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Fostering Valuable, Underrated Service ‘Soft’ Skills

I am not the only kinkster bemoaning the hyperfocus on hard skills in the service community. In conversations I’ve struck up with service receivers across the kink world, the issue with soft skills has been brought up in some way or another. From potential servants that don’t know how to communicate their sexual desires until …

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Reflections on Uncollaring

The kink community regards a collar as a powerful symbol. There’s something of a shared respect for collars, even if the understanding of what it means may vary throughout different communities. A play collar can represent the bottom in a scene, while an ownership collar can symbolize a near absolute transfer of authority.  Today, I’d …

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