Vanessa Davis

Vanessa Davis is the co-author of Extreme Art Nudes and an experienced writer on various kink topics. After years of traveling and experiencing the BDSM and fetish scenes throughout Europe and North America, she settled down in Florida where she’s been an active lifestyle participant since 2011. She passionately perpetuates consent culture and educates groups about safe practices for bondage, sensation play, latex, and service. When she’s not at the dungeon, she enjoys spending time reading, cooking, and enjoying theme parks.

Selecting Cigars for Service

While there already exist many articles about kinky cigar service, none that I found have touched upon the concierge-style service details comparable to what one could find in a high-end cigar shop. Additionally, the ones I’ve read assume that the service recipient is already familiar with cigars and has standing preferences.  While this is certainly …

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Serving the Rockstar Dominant

In the world of kink, according to Real Service by Raven Kaldera and Joshua Tenpenny, there are two main types of dominants: The parent and the rockstar / celebrity. I’ve found this polar scale helpful when explaining my preferences to potential power exchange partners, as it provides a baseline understanding of options. The parental dominant …

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