Service-Focused Relationships

Service for the Other Love Languages

Gary Chapman formed the concept of love languages in his experience as a marital counselor. While it hasn’t been proven scientifically, many people find it helpful to frame the ways that they express affection. While Chapman seems to be focused on heterosexual and vanilla marriages, many kinksters resonate with the love languages and use them …

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Distinguishing Kinky Butlers

There are two parts to this essay: the first one addresses one of the most important differences between kinky butlers and professional butlers, and the second one explains how that distinction influences the dynamics of service-focused relationships, especially regarding consent. Distinctions Between Kinky Butlers And Professional Butlers One of the main distinctions between kinky butlers …

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Serving the Rockstar Dominant

In the world of kink, according to Real Service by Raven Kaldera and Joshua Tenpenny, there are two main types of dominants: The parent and the rockstar / celebrity. I’ve found this polar scale helpful when explaining my preferences to potential power exchange partners, as it provides a baseline understanding of options. The parental dominant …

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