Kinky Butler Skills

Selecting Cigars for Service

While there already exist many articles about kinky cigar service, none that I found have touched upon the concierge-style service details comparable to what one could find in a high-end cigar shop. Additionally, the ones I’ve read assume that the service recipient is already familiar with cigars and has standing preferences.  While this is certainly …

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Service for the Other Love Languages

Gary Chapman formed the concept of love languages in his experience as a marital counselor. While it hasn’t been proven scientifically, many people find it helpful to frame the ways that they express affection. While Chapman seems to be focused on heterosexual and vanilla marriages, many kinksters resonate with the love languages and use them …

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Service-Oriented Cuckolding

In my experience, many people in the kink community think that cuckolding is purely based on humiliation and even degradation. They then understandably conclude that if they aren’t humiliation fetishists, cuckolding isn’t for them. I would like to change the narrative; While the level of humiliation involved can vary, cuckolding can be and often is …

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Chauffeur Service: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide

If you already have a handle on driving yourself around, it may be tempting to assume that chauffeuring as a service is as simple as adding another person. However, to truly excel and provide the feeling of luxury that a butler offers, there are many ways you can improve the experience beyond just driving the …

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Vital Definitions for the Kinky Butler

Where possible, this article includes affiliate links.  As a means of introduction, I would like to define several terms I will be using frequently throughout this website. Butler Definition You have almost certainly seen a butler in a television show or movie, yet it’s often unclear what specific duties that a butler has in a …

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Butler Skills & Traits

One of the most well-known aspects of the butler is the depth and breadth of their skills. A professional butler may consider some of these skills commonplace, and yet others on this list are practiced only if another staff member isn’t available. As kinky butlers don’t often have additional staff at the ready, they may …

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