Call for Collaborators

The Kinky Butler team is looking for writers, educators, editors, moderators, and more to contribute to The Kinky Butler. If you have a passion for service and the kink community, we ask you to consider this opportunity.

Our Inspiration

slave chase founded The Kinky Butler as he was gathering resources about professional butler skills. When he realized that other kinksters might use this information in their relationship dynamics, he decided to develop a website and begin to reach out to others with a love of service in the kink community. As the Covid-19 pandemic has ended so many in-person opportunities for learning and mentorship, The Kinky Butler team has seen the need for virtual education regarding aspects of service and kink.

The Kinky Butler is nominally focused on the archetypical butler. This includes both contemporary and historic professional butlers, as well as fictional butlers. While the professional butler may lead an extensive staff on a vast estate, the average kinkster taking on the butler role may be the only servant of the household. Thus content from The Kinky Butler explores other roles that one might take on as the sole servant of a household such as a chef, valet, chauffeur, or personal assistant. For more thoughts on this, please explore our article, Vital Definitions for the Kinky Butler.

We want to provide a valuable resource for those passionate about butler-inspired service. Some thoughts on our target audience include

  • Service providers who want to expand the range of experiences and expertise that they can offer those they serve,
  • Those that want to add an element of luxury to their lives through service,
  • Submissives, especially submissive men, who want to stand out of the crowd and develop skills to enhance a future relationship, and
  • Service providers and receivers who desire more information about developing, maintaining, and enhancing a power exchange focused on service.


The Kinky Butler is offering $50 USD for each post published. If you don’t desire payment, we can also donate the money to a cause of your choice. Of course, you will also be listed as the author of any content that you write, including a short bio where you can discuss other projects that people may be interested in. 

Additionally, you may feel free to repost your content on your personal FetLife immediately after it is published with the condition that you link to the original article at the top of your FetLife post. You may post your article on any other site 30 days after your content goes up as long as you link to The Kinky Butler version somewhere in the post. 

Desired Content

A Note About Identity

We are open to content from people using any role within the kink world, including those who consider themselves dominant. We welcome resources focusing on the role of receiving service. It also may be helpful to bring skills and experience from professional roles into the kink context. If you’re worried that you’re not the right person to teach about a given topic, reach out to us.

Written Resources

With our written resources, we aim to include both breadth and depth. At this time, we are primarily asking for contributors to develop beginner resources for skills that a professional butler would be required to learn. These should include an introduction to the skill, the marks of excellence, and resources for more in-depth study. For a list of relevant skills, please refer to the International Institute of Modern Butler’s Household Staff Definitions.

Additionally, we would like to include information about the kinky aspects of kinky butling, such as developing a service-focused relationship, negotiating one’s needs, and integrating kinky play with the butler role. We’re especially interested in those that have experience with formal service, yet we welcome content from anyone.

Finally, we are also interested in narrative nonfiction pieces focused on service. Perhaps you could write about a time that you went above and beyond providing excellent service. Those that receive service could speak about their experience training a potential servant or hosting an event. People who grew up with limited formal experiences could discuss the shift in mentality that they experienced after witnessing protocol in a kink context.

If you are interested and or have relevant experience, but struggle to decide what to write about or how to write in a professional way, please contact slave chase for guidance.

Style & Voice

We ask that written resources follow the guidelines of the Modern Language Association of America’s MLA Handbook, Eighth Edition. The Purdue Online Writing Lab provides extensive resources about MLA style. Some common style issues to be aware of include:

  • For quotes, all punctuation goes inside quote marks.
  • An Oxford comma is necessary for a list of three items or more.

We also ask that you write in a first-person active voice. “We heard a commotion, and my dog went to investigate,” is preferred over “There was a commotion, and an investigation occurred.” Note that the active voice uses personal pronouns and includes who performed the action.

For more information about creating effective and clear content, refer to the Readability Guidelines project.

Classes & Other Events

The Kinky Butler team would like to invite people to teach classes and workshops under The Kinky Butler umbrella. For this medium, we are excited about events that have a large visual or audio component that is difficult to capture in writing. Topics that prompt questions requiring individualized answers also benefit from being developed into classes or workshops.

As people have varying learning styles, it may be useful for information to be taught as both an event and a written resource on the website. It’s also valuable to consider ways that events can expand upon or pair well with written resources. For example, a beginner description of planning a small dinner might be followed by a workshop where participants are lead through examples or even guided through creating a mock menu and shopping list. 

We are also exploring other events, such as an ongoing, facilitated service discussion for which we would need moderators. We’re also open to other types of events focused on exploring and learning about butler-inspired service.

Support Roles

We’re also in need of people to edit text, moderate discussion groups, manage social media, and support the project in any way that you can imagine! If you have experience in these realms in the kink world or the vanilla one, please feel free to reach out. If you don’t have the experience, and yet you are self-motivated and willing to learn by doing, we admire that and want you on our team. 

Connecting With Us

If you’re interested or want to know more, you will first reach out to slave chase via the form below with how you’d like to be involved. If you are interested in investing your time into being involved in another way or creating something under The Kinky Butler name, please contact slave chase, and we can support you.

If you’re open to video conferencing via Zoom, that is helpful to note in your message. If you prefer to email directly, the contact email is We look forward to hearing from you!

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