The Leader Assistant From a Kinky Butler’s Perspective

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As we have established, the kinky butler may take on any role that their principal deems necessary. In Butlers & Household Managers: 21st Century Professional, Steven Ferry explains the role of the butler: 

A butler exists essentially to smooth the lives of his employer by taking over many household and personal functions they would otherwise have to perform themselves, thus freeing them up for more worthwhile pursuits

For those that aim to take over personal functions for their principal, the skillset of a personal assistant or executive assistant may come in handy. Keeping that in mind, in addition to my experience functioning as a de facto personal assistant in both vanilla and kink contexts, I’ve kept my eye out for a comprehensive resource regarding assistantship. I believe that Jeremy Burrows has created that resource in The Leader Assistant.

Readers laser-focused on the skillset will find “Pillar 2: Employ The Tactics” to be the most useful, as it covers strategies for managing time, calendars, email, meetings, and more. Take calendar management as an example. Weaker resources emphasize the importance of calendar management, yet don’t go into detail about the process. 

The Leader Assistant, however, takes Start Finishing’s time block scheduling a step further. You and your principal (or executive, if you’re using the language Burrows uses), design their Ideal Week and, using a vetting process for meetings, slowly move towards making their real week into their Ideal Week. It’s an excellent system, as is Start Finishing’s time blocking method. I recommend looking into both if you’re interested in calendar management.

Burrows also includes both the essential and the “game-changing” characteristics of an assistant. With these, you’ll notice a lot of overlap with the butler traits pulled from The International Institute of Modern Butlers’ Household Staff Definitions. Some versions of flexibility, trustworthiness, responsiveness, and strong communication skills are on both lists. Burrows encourages readers to reflect on the essential and outstanding characteristics he lists and describes ways that they can be embodied. In that way, this book doesn’t only include practical techniques but also a series of principles that a growth-focused kinky butler can study. 

In conclusion, I highly recommend The Leader Assistant to any service-oriented kinkster that desires skills managing their partner’s information. I also recommend the first section, “Pillar 1: Embody The Characteristics,” to people who enjoy receiving service, as it will help you encourage the characteristics in those that serve you. 

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