Active Butler Schools, Updated Spring 2021

Those seeking to become kinky butlers desiring to learn skills formally may wish to attend a professional butler school. I have complied a list of active butler schools including a link to their main website, the length of their longest program, a rough estimate of the price in United States dollars, and a link to their curriculum.

I hope you find this helpful. Additionally, if you know of anyone who has attended a professional butler school and now serves in a kink relationship, please reach out to me via email.

Schools with In Person Classes

The International Butler Academy, Simpelveld, The Netherlands

Ten week  ·   ~$17,500 including R&B   ·   Curriculum

Starkey International, Denver, Colorado

Four weeks   ·   ~$10,000 including R&B   ·   Curriculum

British Butler Institute, London, England

Four weeks   ·   ~$7,700 before R&B   ·   Curriculum

The Butler Valet School, Witney, England

Two weeks   ·   ~$7,200 including R&B   ·   Curriculum

Correspondence Courses

The International Institute of Modern Butlers

Self-paced  ·   ~$2,500   ·   Curriculum

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