Service. The word provokes distinct imagery for each individual. For many of us, the figure of a stately butler comes to mind. Here at The Kinky Butler, we explore the realms of the service kink and service-focused power exchange relationships through the lens of the butler archetype. We draw on our personal experiences and expertise, modern professional butler resources, as well as extant publications from times past. At our core, we aim to share our passion for service, and by doing so, serve the community at large.

We have lofty goals for The Kinky Butler. For the time being, we have many written resources. I recommend starting with this article of vital definitions, and another on butler philosophy. I encourage you to explore the site and contact us with any questions you have in the comments section below each article, as well as via email.

As for our other goals, we have begun hosting events over video conferencing. You can find out more about these events and aid this project of passion, by supporting our Patreon. Please join our mailing list if you’d like to be updated.

Please enjoy.

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